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City of Sevierville

120 Gary Wade Blvd PO Box 5500 Sevierville, TN 37864

(865) 453-5504


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Items marked "For Office Use Only" will be completed by City staff upon receipt of the application.

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Inside City (For Office Use Only)

[  ] Water Deposit $25

[  ] Water & Sewer Deposit $50

[  ] Landlord - Hold Deposit

[  ] Service Charge $25

Outside City (For Office Use Only)

[  ] Water Deposit $50

[  ] Water & Sewer Deposit $100

[  ] Landlord - Hold Deposit

[  ] Service Charge $25

Commercial (For Office Use Only)

[  ] 2X Highest Bill (Previous 12 Months)

[  ] Deposit (Minimum) $200

[  ] Service Charge $25

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City of Sevierville and United Way of Sevier County are uniting in "Project Round-Up." This is a convenient opportunity available to our customers that will help support our local Unity Way of Sevier County. Water customers can participate by voluntarily choosing to “Round-Up’ their monthly water bill to the next whole dollar when paying their bill. All donated funds will be directly dedicated to the United Way of Sevier County. Individual contributions never amount to more than $0.99 each month, so the total never exceeds $12.00 per year. Take this opportunity for your small change to make a big difference in our community as we “Unite with United Way.”

I would like to participate in "Project Round-Up"

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The signer hereby makes application for water service at the above address and agrees to pay for said service as measured by the City’s meter according to rate applicable. The applicant agrees to permit authorized agents of the City free access to the premises of the consumer for the purpose of inspecting, reading, repairing or removing property of the City. The City shall have the right, but not be obligated to inspect any installation before water service is introduced, or at any later time, and reserves the right to reject any plumbing not in accordance with City’s standards; but such inspection or failure to inspect or reject shall not regarded as an insurance against defects in installation, and shall not render City liable or responsible for any loss or damage resulting from defects in the installation, or from violation of the City’s rules and regulations or from accidents which occur upon customer’s premises. The applicant agrees that this application is subject to the City’s Rules and Regulations, a copy of which is open for inspection at the office of the City, and that these Rules and Regulations are a part of this agreement. Passed by Water Board 8-26-2004 Effective 9-7-2004